Twin Leaf Brewery

144 Coxe Ave, Asheville, NC 28801

Magic Hour

4.4% ABV

With a malt base composed of 50% wheat, this is the perfect spring/summer beer and one that is steeped in German tradition. While developed spontaneously in the 16th century, this brew found its prominence in the 1800's as it became a favorite in taverns across the Deutschland. Distinctively tart, salty, and refreshing.

144 (Code Name: Juicy Fruit)

7.2% ABV

Light golden orange in color. Bright and brilliant hop flavor and aroma-grapefruit, orange, a touch of lemon-lime, floral, juicy sweet awesomeness. This beauty of an IPA has just the right amount of that addictive hoppy bitterness that we all love, while the slightest hint of candy-like sweetness from the malt rounds it all out.


9.0% ABV

Watch out for this one. Deep golden in color with a wonderful complexity from the classic Trappist yeast strain. Slightly sweet and fruity, with notes of orange, banana, spice, and soft alcohols. This high gravity tripel is surprisingly easy drinking with a light body, and will sneak up on you if you're not careful.


6.3% ABV

This incredibly balanced IPA derives it's name from the herbaceous perennial we owe all of the glory, the hop leaf. Notes of citrus, fruit, pine, and pepper make this Mosaic dry hopped ale a staff favorite.

Uproot ESB

5.8% ABV

Dark amber in color. Complex malt profile reminiscent of bread, toast, and biscuits, we hints of caramel, chocolate, and fruit esters.